Pistachio Nuts – for Diabetes Management and Heart Health

Pistachio Nuts – for Diabetes Management and Heart Health

These nuts are the true source of health. Although in 100 grams of pistachios has as much as 540 calories, the pistachios are a great choice for a healthy and good life, but also for much more than that. Learn the eight super powerful properties of this green fruit that is always half hidden in the shell!

For a healthy heart

It has been proven that the pistachios reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and increases the level of good, and only after a short period of moderate consumption. They are full of antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, which fight inflammation, protect the blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Even with their consumption increases the level of lutein, a powerful antioxidant, which protects against bad cholesterol and thus protects the health of the most important organ in the body – the heart!

It regulates blood sugar (Diabetes management)

Eating pistachios reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. In one cup of pistachios, 60% of the recommended daily doses of phosphorus are found. Except that this mineral breaks proteins into amino acids, phosphorus improves glucose tolerance.

For healthy blood

Pistachios are a great source of vitamin B. This vitamin is essential for the production of hemoglobin, a protein that is responsible for the transmission of oxygen through the bloodstream to the cells, but which also increase the level of oxygen that it carries.

Good for the nervous system

Vitamin B6 found in these nuts has a positive effect on our nervous system. It is also recognized as the vitamin of the nerves. Vitamin B6 allows the creation of several neurotransmitters that transport the message to the nervous system. It is also crucial for the adoption of vitamin B12 as well as for the production of red blood cells.

For healthy eyes

The pistachios contain two carotenoids that we can hardly find in other nuts. It’s about lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that protect eyes and eyesight and reduce the risk of eye degeneration and prevent cataracts.

For healthy immunity

The healthy immune system requires an adequate dose of vitamin B6, which has a lot in the pistachios. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is one of the eight B vitamins that help the body to convert food into energy. Vitamin B6 deficiency is rare and manifests itself as muscle weakness, nervousness, depression, poor concentration, and loss of short-term memory. Pistachios are also a great source of fiber, and in 100 grams contains 10.3 grams of dietary fiber which are crucial in accelerating metabolism and which prevents intestinal cancer.

For healthy skin

Pistachios are a good source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Essential for the health of cell membranes and are often recommended for a healthy and beautiful skin. Pistachios are recorders between nuts because they contain a large number of antioxidants that are crucial for the recovery of body cells and are therefore they are natural botoxes. Five to ten pistachios per day is a good dose in the fight against wrinkles.

Protects against cancer

Vitamin E protects against certain types of cancer. And pistachios abound with gamma-tocopherol (the type of vitamin E) that can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by as much as 30%. 68 grams of pistachios per day is an extraordinary prevention of malignant diseases. And because they are a great source of fiber, they are crucial in accelerating metabolism. And thus reduce the chances of becoming a cancer of the colon.

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