Lower Blood Pressure

Simple Way To Lower Blood Pressure Only With Corn

Although corn can be eaten all year round, its season just begins, so it’s best to eat fresh. Although the one consumed at the beginning of autumn contains the most nutrients. Corn grain is rich in fibers that lower the level of cholesterol in the blood (the full acid with which the grains are full of is necessary for the proper development of the fetal nerves, so the corn is recommended in the first three months of pregnancy.

To lower blood pressure


  • 3 spoons of corn flour
  • 3 for cold water


Place 3 tablespoons of corn flour in 3 drops of cold water and leave to leave for 3 to 4 hours. The prepared potato must not be mixed, so as not to grind the sludge from the bottom of the dish. Drink only liquid, many times a day. The urine lowers blood pressure, and phytotherapists advise to drink every day for at least two months.