If You Want To Live Without Cholesterol and Have No Cardiovascular Problems, Just Eat a Handful Of This

The walnut is multiple useful herbs. Its fruits are eaten, they are very nutritious and delicious, and they also produce oil. The leaves, the bark and the green casing are used for coloring wool, cotton, and wood. The wood is appreciated in carving and in carpentry.

The importance of walnut is that it stimulates the formation of red blood cells, and contributes to the greater efficiency of the defense forces of the organism. According to some, it regulates blood pressure. It is recommended as a cure for intestinal parasites, a stone in the bladder and against diabetes. The walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, many zinc, sulfur, iodine, magnesium, and prone to heart recovery, and also contain vitamins from group B.

For Cardiovascular Problems

Those who suffer from barriers to digestion in the body should eat nuts. They are excellent for the liver, and they also work favorably on the intestines. Those who have liver who do not bear any fat can easily eat moderate amounts of walnuts.

Arterial narrowing is often a consequence of chronic nicotine poisoning. For this disease, the drug is located in the barriers between the nuts; from these shells (which separate the nuts), you can prepare tea: in the evening, immerse 4-5 shells from the compartments , and in the morning you should cook them as a tea and drink the tea on an empty stomach. Drink this tea continuously, and it also acts against increased pressure on chest pains. This tea works well against the temperature that is associated with heartburn. After the first soaked cup of this tea, you can feel an improvement, and if the pain lasts, then you should drink the tea until the pain and temperature cease.