Limit The Intake Of This Mineral And Lower Your Blood Pressure

Limit The Intake Of This Mineral And Lower Your Blood Pressure

The key role in regulating blood pressure is regulating sodium, as a very important mineral that dissolves in the blood. Additionally, it ensures correct heart contractions and reduces the risk of myocardial infarction. Muscles and nerves have a greater need for sodium to function properly.

The amount of this mineral in the body is the result of the balance of its ingestion and excretion.

The level of sodium in the body is controlled through the work of the kidneys. And its impaired value in the body leads to serious cardiac and neurological complications. Low levels of this mineral can cause numerous disorders, such as muscle cramps, headaches, irritability, depression, nausea, and constant fatigue.

Numerous medical studies have shown that lack of sodium is the main cause of lethargy, while its normal daily intake has been shown to be very useful in the treatment of tachycardia and convulsion.

People with high blood pressure are advised to limit the daily intake of sodium, primarily due to the prevention of fluid accumulation in the lower leg and stomach. In order to achieve the ideal daily intake of this mineral in the body, it is necessary to use foods that have low salt content, such as whole-grain baked goods, corn tarts and wheat flour, unsalted crackers and sweets, meal, mushrooms cooked in unsalted water, no spices, and other fresh vegetables and fruits.

Limit sodium intake

In particular, semi-processed groceries, frozen and preserved, should be avoided and ready-made spices are replaced by natural, dried spice herbs. In the case of fluid intake, water with low sodium content should be selected.