Green Tomatoes Can Help You Get Rid Of Varicose Veins

Green Tomatoes Can Help You Get Rid Of Varicose Veins

Immature green tomatoes mainly are used when canned or cooked. Raw are not recommended to eat because they contain a toxic substance solanine.

Yet few people know that green tomatoes can be used for external use to treat varicose veins also inflamed veins in the legs.

Russians have long practiced this method:

Green tomatoes cut into circles and place them in places where knots of varicose veins, and all places where there are inflamed blood vessels and capillaries, visible to the naked eye. Tie the fruit with a bandage and leave it to act until you feel tingling. Then hold for another two minutes, then remove the cloth and wash your feet with cold water. Make the treatment five times a day best one after another (if you can withstand the tingling) for 2 weeks.

Acetic acid of green tomato act as aspirin – breaks the blood clots, to thin the blood (such as anticoagulant). The results will be seen very quickly – the nodes will slowly retreat, and the pain will be significantly reduced.

Cleans finger spots

If you have dark spots on your finger  because you were cleaning nuts or plums, or by uprooting weeds. Green tomatoes will help getting rid of them. Cut the fruit in half and rub the colored skin with the soft part, let it work for 5 minutes, then wash with soap.