Clean Your Blood Vessels

This Garlic Mixture Will Clean Your Blood Vessels Even Those In Your Brain

Made according to the recipe of the famous Ukrainian, Academician B.V. Bodotov, the garlic mixture cleans the small blood vessels of cholesterol (including those of the big brain), improves vision, hearing, and memory.

Crush with a pestle 200 g of cleaned garlic. Make a bag of gauze, put the garlic in it with something hard (any washed stone can do this), then put in a jar of three liters and sprinkle with milky whey or water with a spoon of sour cream and add a cup of sugar. Don’t close the jar. Leave it open with gauze on the opening and allow the contents to ferment for three to five weeks in a warm place. The first five to seven days will spread an unpleasant smell, but then it will be lost and the mixture will become more aromatic. Drain the finished mixture and store it in a refrigerator. And in the mixture, add another glass crushed garlic and sprinkle with a new solution. The second portion of the mixture will be ready for 14 days.

To clean your blood vessels, drink a quarter of a cup of the mixture before eating three or four times a day. Treatment lasts for a month.


In the case of individual contradictions, consult your doctor.