Avoid Stroke

Clean Your Arteries and Normalize Your Blood Pressure, Avoid Stroke and Heart Attack With Lemon

What happens to a man who constantly fills up and stuffs his stomach with mixed food and thus does violence on his organism? There is, of course, blood pathology.

People with solid blood vessels and good adrenal glands get hypertension (high blood pressure). Physically weak people, with sunken tone on the vessels, get hypotension (low blood pressure), also vegetative neurosis.

What are the most commonly affected by these diseases do?

They try to regulate hypotension using strong coffee and alcohol. Hypertension is removed by chemical preparations, that is, drugs with spasmolytics that neutralize adrenal gland hormones that cause narrowing of the vessels, which means that the brain is left unsuccessfully to defend against toxins. Such people inevitably receive osteochondrosis, changes in the liver, kidney, sclerosis, and later stroke and paralysis. And then, as a consequence of insufficient purification of blood in the blood vessels, inertia in the heart, severe complications secondary hypertension with accompanying pathological processes in the kidneys occur.

Clean your arteries and normalize your blood pressure, avoid stroke and heart attack with this remedy:

Take two medium lemons and two oranges. Cut them into small parts. Remove the seeds and crush the lemons and oranges with a meat grinder.

Mix the resulting mass with two tablespoons of honey. Allow the mixture to stand at room temperature all day and then place it in the refrigerator. Consume 2 to 3 tablespoons before eating.