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Cholesterol And Blood Fats

Cholesterol And Blood Fats: Salvation Is In Nuts, Beans, And Garlic

Some people struggle with blood fat, especially cholesterol, although they do not belong to the gourmet class. Of course, the same thing happens with those who can’t boast a healthy diet. Nutritionists say it is possible to regulate fat and cholesterol with five key foods.

These are the foods that fight bad cholesterol and blood fats

Apples reduce “bad cholesterol” by as much as 38 percent. But to achieve this, you need to consume or drink juice regularly.

Nuts provide the highest percentage of “good cholesterol”.

Beans, high in fiber, can lower cholesterol by six percent in just a month and a half.

Oats are high in fiber and a known enemy of harmful cholesterol.

Garlic with a daily dose of just 5 mg in tablets, manages to eliminate a staggering 11 percent of cholesterol. And to improve your blood circulation, eating just one garlic a day is enough.

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