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can cayenne pepper stop a heart attack

Can Cayenne Pepper Stop a Heart Attack? See What This Doctor Says

For this purpose it is necessary to have only red cayenne pepper. Dr. John Christopher is categorical that the method of rescuing from a heart attack for a minute acts flawlessly.

If your loved one, acquaintance or friend or simply an unknown person from the street shows signs of this disease, simply attach the method of rescuing from the infarction that we offer.

Can cayenne pepper stop a heart attack?

If a person is aware, give him as much water as possible in which you have dissolved a teaspoon of red pepper.

If, however, it is unconscious, you must drop it under the tongue of the extract of water and red pepper. As soon as the first signs of heart attack occur and while preparing an infused mixture, ask the person to cough strongly. This also helps a lot.

Dr. Christopher says that the method will take only a few seconds, but it still works miraculously in saving people who will be diagnosed with a stroke.

It guarantees that only a few minutes later, the person will begin to notice and the heart rhythm will begin to normalize.

Is there an alternative way of saving from a heart attack?

According to many scientists, 100 gr. Whiskey daily strengthens the resistance of the body. Apart from infarction, the regular intake of this drink will protect you from cancer.

This way will surely appeal to those who are fans of the whiskey. And in addition, men will have a wonderful excuse for their partner. The healing properties of the drink are due to the antioxidants contained therein that stop the development of cancer cells.

In addition, they successfully fight with various types of colds and allergies.

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