5 Ways To Lower Your High Blood Pressure

5 Ways To Lower Your High Blood Pressure

These are the 5 natural ways to lower your high blood pressure

1. Dissolve a tablespoon of honey in a glass of water. Add to that juice of half lemon. Drink the potion in the morning on an empty stomach, all at once. Treatment lasts for a week.

2. Sprinkle a tablespoon of dried and frozen blackberry with 300 ml of boiled water, and then cook for ten minutes at low heat. Leave it cool, drain it and drink 100 ml three times a day before eating until your condition improves.

Z. Sprinkle the seeds of fennel with a spoon of boiled water. Let it stand for an hour, then drain it and drink one-third of cup three times a day. Treatment lasts until the normalization of pressure.

4. Mix dry dried flowers of chamomile, dwarf everlast and St John’s wort with strawberry and birch buds. Sprinkle a spoon of the mixture with a glass of boiled water, but allow it to cool. Drain and drink once a day before eating (the best in the morning). Treatment lasts for a week.

5. Heat three or four tablespoons of any herbal oil, then add a few drops of alcoholic tincture of mint and essential oil of grapefruit. With gentle movements massage the mixture into the back of the neck (if there is no allergy!). After the massage, you should lie for half an hour.