Best 4 Natural Remedies For Leg Cramps

Best 4 Natural Remedies For Leg Cramps

Laurel leaf, lemon, garlic, combining recommended methods and these ingredients will get good results. These are all natural remedies for leg cramps.

Laurel oil

Place a bag of Laurel leaf (10 g) in a jar and sprinkle with unrefined sunflower oil, close it well, place it in a dark place for 12 days, and then strain.

Massage your legs twice a day with this mixture, and parallel with this drink boiled onions with the water.

Massage with lemon

Twice a day put on your feet freshly squeezed lemon juice until it completely absorbs the skin. Then wear warm socks. Repeat every day for two weeks.


Sprinkle garlic with a glass of boiled water, leave to stand for 10 minutes, strain and drink before going to bed.


Sprinkle rusk rye bread with a liter of boiled water. After 4 hours, add a teaspoon (4-5 g) of dry yeast. Leave the mixture in a dark place for six hours, then strain. Drink 100 ml three times a day before meals.