You Need to Nap More

Scientists Explain that You Need to Nap More: It Boosts Heart and Brain Health, Reduces Stress and Much More!

Research conducted by US scientists at the University of Berkeley found that afternoon nap helps the brain to better memorize information. Here are the reasons why you need to nap more.

“Sleep has a regenerative effect after an extended period of alertness. But it also increases neurocognitive ability. Compared to the level of ability before the afternoon rest”, says the latest study by American scientists. “Sleep is not only refreshing the brain it also corrects the mental abilities. Explains Matthew Walker, a professor of psychology at the University of Berkeley and the lead author of the research.

Nap boosts heart and brain health

The scientists examined 39 adults, divided into two groups. One of which take a nap at noon and the other did not. On the participants that took a nap were made mental tests designed to specifically activate the hippocampus, the part of the brain that helps in the storage of information. Both groups had different results. In the afternoon, at 6 o’clock, the two groups performed a series of mental exercises. In which they were supposed to memorize the information. Participants who had a noon nap responded much better than the other group. But also in terms of their morning results, researchers say. These results are in line with the assumption that dream is needed to disinfect memory in the brain in a short time. And to make ” place “for new information says Matthew Walker.

In a study by the Medical Faculty in Athens and at the Harvard Medical School at Harvard Medical School. The risk of death from heart disease is lower by 34% for people who nap in the afternoon. And that more frequent sleeping reduces the mortality rate especially among employed men.

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