Eating Chocolate

Science Says Eating Chocolate Every Day Is Good for Your Brain

According to a new study by the University of Aquila, Italy, everyday cocoa flavors can help your cord to protect you from cognitive decline.

Forget that one apple a day keeps you away from a doctor. If you really want to keep the doctors away from you, try a piece of chocolate.

As Science Daily, packed with antioxidants and iron, dark chocolate is already known as a smart choice for dessert. Its potential powers for stimulating brain power just sweeten the deal. Eating little chocolate every day helps to improve the attention, speed of information processing, memory, and verbal fluency.

Good for your brain

“The regular introduction of cocoa and chocolate can really provide positive effects on cognitive functions over time”. Said researchers Valentina Soci and Michele Ferrara. Their analysis, published in The Borders of Nutrition, found that older people at risk of memory decline had the greatest benefits of eating chocolate. A regular selection of this treatment can help to improve the processes of vital thinking over time.

Eating Chocolate

Also, a quick snack can provide some short-term benefits. Eating cocoa also helps young and healthy adults. Almost immediately show better results in severe cognitive tests, although the effect is more subtle.

The powerful benefits come from cocoa-flavonols, a compound known for their health benefits. Dark chocolate has more flavanols than milk, but you can also find them in apples, pears and grapes, among other foods.

The special type of flavonoids supports a healthy cardiovascular system and can increase blood flow to a part of the brain, especially affected by aging, Soci and Ferrara say. It takes a bit of dark chocolate every day, but warns you do not eat too much, especially if it contains sugar and other additives.

Fortunately, choosing chocolate can also rule out desires for other desserts later. Says Jacqueline London, nutrition director at Good Housekeeping Institute. Institute for Good Housekeeping. “Taking about 30 grams of chocolate per day, or about 150 to 200 calories, has a number of different benefits,” she says. “While no food is miraculous, I am a great advocate of daily curing myself with chocolate.”

“I am a great advocate for everyday chocolate treatment.”

However, you probably do not have to give up the apples completely. But adding a little dark chocolate in the mix will not hurt. We do not have to tell you twice, right?

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