Repaired Memory

Repaired Memory Is Found In More Than Ninety-five Percent With This! It Also Helps Regenerate Bones and Eyesight

Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest plant on Earth. His fossils have been found since the time of the dinosaurs. It is a remarkably resistant herb of all kinds of pollution, viruses, microclimatic disorders and harmful natural and artificial radiation. It is the only plant that has survived the nuclear disaster of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Modern medicine respects the healing properties of ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo is the most widely used natural remedy in Europe. In Germany in 1988 doctors issued more than 5 and in 1999 8 million recipes. Examiner of ginkgo’s healing effects mostly emphasizes its antioxidant properties.

According to numerous studies of the biological-biochemical properties of this truly magic herb, the most prominent are:

  • the beneficial effect of the ginkgo on brain functions and
  • the influence of synthesis and also dopamine secretion, an important transmitter in the brain.

It is known that the state of chronic stress can cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease, such as loss of memory and therefore deterioration of mental abilities. It has also been determined that an extended state of stress may increase the characteristics of the aging of the brain. Ginkgo eliminates these symptoms and┬árepaired memory.

Applies to:

  • brain circulation and also stimulation of brain activity,
  • increasing mental abilities and also physical fitness in the elderly,
  • improving concentration, creativity, and therefore repaired memory,
  • depression,
  • dizziness and migraine,
  • chronic buzzing in the ears,
  • drowsiness in older,
  • treatment of peripheral coronary and also vascular diseases,
  • prevention of thrombosis,
  • hypertension and also hypotension,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • treatment impotence,
  • inflammatory processes,
  • diabetes,
  • improve liver function and kidney function.
  • regenerate bones and eyesight