Treat Epilepsy

Use Oregano Tea This Way To Treat Epilepsy, And Oregano Oil Against Rheumatism

Medicinal properties: This herb is popular among people as a tea and as a remedy for the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs (especially for diarrhea) and respiratory organs, and is used externally against various inflammations of the skin and mucous membranes. Oregano oil contains about 50 percent thymol, which makes the herb has very pronounced antibacterial properties. In this way, we can explain the centuries-old use and huge trust in the healing power of this herb among people. Tea is recommended for increased nervous excitement, stress, insomnia. It has a positive effect in the washings for purulent wounds, but also as a rinse aid for angina.

Treat Epilepsy

Some herbalists advise drinking tea from oregano (2 tablespoons of 300 ml boiled water) to treat epilepsy: 100 ml of tea three times a day for 3 years.

In China, the oregano is used to treat fever, nausea, diarrhea, jaundice, skin diseases.

Until the discovery of synthetic colors, the oregano was used as a means of coloring the wool in black.

Note: Oregano should not be used by pregnant women. It should also not be replaced with the amiable oregano herb (Origanum majorana), which is more grown in the gardens, but it can also be found in nature.

Preparation and use

Use the essential oil of oregano as a basis for anti-rheumatism grease: mix 5 grams of essential oils with 95 grams of rosemary alcohol. With this preparation, rub the sick places. Helps with a headache and migraine.

Tea from 5 to 6 grams of herb, 2 drops of boiling water in disorders of the stomach. For when the stomach does not squeeze enough juices. Then in stomach neurosis, swallowing air and hiccups and soothes the nerves.

Against insomnia, it is very effective and completely harmless mixture of hydrolytes. Oregano (50 grams), valerian (25 grams), lettuce (25 grams).