Giving your Child a Smartphone

Giving your Child a Smartphone is “Like Giving Them Drugs” Says Top Addiction Expert

No normal parent would leave the child alone with a bottle of wine or drugs, but the internet …

When you give your baby a smartphone, the same as giving him a cocaine dose, addiction expert told Independent. Journalists of the Independent attended a lecture conference in London where they explained that Snapchat or Instagram could become literally as dependent as on drugs or alcohol. “I always tell people when you give your baby a tablet or cell phone, you actually give them a bottle of wine or grams of cocaine,” said Mandy Saligari.

Giving your child a smartphone is “like giving them drugs”

“Do you want them to remain alone with such something behind closed doors? Why do we pay so little attention to things over drugs and alcohol if the fact is that all of these things work the same way?” She said. Mandy Saligari does not speak based on assumptions. Her words reach the general public only when 13-year-olds check in the Digital Devices Dying Clinics. And the average time for children to get their own smartphone is only seven years.

Public and specialist concerns have grown especially since the growing exposure of children to pornography on the internet. And even in direct communication has increased. Sligars usually lead the London-based addiction clinic and says that two-thirds of the patients are aged 16 to 20. And there are also younger, much younger. She says many 13 or 14-year-olds are considering sending their own naked pictures on social networks quite normal.

Statistics say that as many as two-thirds of the lowest grades of primary school in the UK are exposed to inappropriate content. One study by Ofcom also states that 80 percent of parents in the country have big problems controlling what their children are doing between 12 and 15 years old on the Internet. Even three-year-olds are having an average of six hours daily on the internet.

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