Ways To Reduce Anxiety

4 Unconventional Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is definitely one of the biggest struggles people face today. Stress, stress, and stress alone – it’s a fact that it’s hard to be able to handle this problem successfully and without any help. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat anxiety. And whilst you are likely to fall into all the usual techniques, below you will find 4 slightly more conventional ways to reduce anxiety.

These are the 4 unconventional ways to reduce anxiety


Kava is a root herb originating in the Western Pacific. Known also under the names kava-kava or ava, this medicine contains some of the strongest anxiolytics, known as cavalectons. On the Polynesian islands, it is quite common for this plant to chew or make a drink from it, and it has a similar social purpose as well as alcohol.

If you think whether to drink alcohol or try this root, then it’s probably better to decide on the second option. Not only is it healthier, it is also less harmful to the liver. Among other things, kava has a more effective and long-lasting effect in the treatment of short-term anxiety, so the maximum effect is felt after 3 hours of taking this medication, and lasts 12 hours. Unlike alcohol, cava causes you to sleep more firmly and deeper and allows you to really relax.


Kratom is a herb that originates from Southeast Asia. It contains many different alkaloids, which makes it a good remedy for anxiety, mood amelioration and increased energy levels in the body. It can be found in a variety of species, but in treating anxiety, it is advisable to use that shortage from Indonesia and Bali, and avoid it from Thailand and Vietnam that has stimulating effects. In terms of dosing, small doses are recommended starting at a maximum of 3 days per week.


For a long time one of the most effective treatments for treating anxiety is physical activity. Constant exercise is a long-acting medicine. Which gives you energy and relaxes your body and brain from the stresses and nerves. But when anxiety strikes suddenly, you will get a more intense, short-term training. Scrolls, jumping on a rope, lifting weights, riding a bicycle, running. Alternately do those exercises that will simultaneously tired you and relax you.

Floating in a salt water tank

These tanks are dark, soundproofed and filled with saline water, heated to a temperature that corresponds to human body temperature. Those who use this technique enter the tank and sail for about 1 hour. Completely leaving their mind wandering on another side.

If this still sounds like the crazier idea of ​​reducing stress that you have heard. The knowledge that comes out of the application of this technique will surely reassure you. Studies have shown that this type of anxiety treatment is really effective and results as well as many other stress relief techniques. Including meditation, therapy, and long-term rest. Salt water, on the other hand, has a positive effect on your skin, feeding it with the required level of magnesium.

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