About Us

Our approach

Old Natural Cures is owned by OldNaturalCures Limited, established on 12 October 2015. The goal of our company is to provide relevant, useful and reliable information for visitors to our website who want to live a healthier life and live in a healthier environment with the help of natural remedies and recipes.

Our philosophy

We know you’re busy. We live in confusing and difficult times. It’s hard to know who to believe. In Old Natural Cures you will find accurate and unbiased information on how to make natural remedies from simple ingredients. We bring you the old remedies closer to you.

Why can you trust us

Our advice comes from evidence-based science, so you get the facts, not myths and misinformation.
All articles are checked for accuracy by our nutritionist before publishing.
We publish sources and references for our health claims.
Our recipes are coordinated with the nature!